Eligibility criteria

  •   Must be a Bhutanese citizen with a valid citizenship identity card;
  •   Must not be less than 18 and not more than 55 years of age at the time of application;
  •    Must have good character;
  •   Must be creditworthy with no history of delinquency/ default from other creditors;
  •   Must be an active member of National Pension and Provident Fund or must have provident fund scheme with RICBL;
  •   Must be in service for at least for 2 years including provision period. If less than 2 years, legally acceptable mortgage should be provided and
  • There should not be any claim on by other creditors on post retirement benefits such as pension or provident fund. Loan amount
  • The client is eligible for 50% of net take home pay after adjusting for all statutory deductions and other loans and advances.
  • The maximum loan amount is Nu. 300,000 but the client has option to take less depending upon their requirements and capacity for repayment.


The loan repayment frequency will be monthly and it will be tied up with salary of the applicant. 5 years in monthly/quarterly /half yearly installments.

banking hours

 Mon - Fri : 9am to 4pm

 Sat : 9am to 11am