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Drinchen Ama Savings

**The Drinchen Ama Savings is loosely translated as Beloved Mother Savings refers to savings to any individual home makers to inculcate financial discipline, saving habits and secure the family.

  • Modalities:
  1. Account  shall be opened in the name of Mother/Home maker
  2. If Mother/Home Maker does not have Citizenship Identity Card (old age), the CID number of nominated household representative (guardian) can be used to open the Savings account
  3. Account opening can be done in any Branch both in the office as well as in the field
  4. Account holders will be provided with Drinchen Ama Savings safe box with Nu. 50 in it and a Khadhar while opening the Savings account
  5. Withdrawal from Drinchen Ama Savings account can be done by the account holder and by an authorized household representative if the account holder cannot visit the Branch.
  6. In such a case, an authorization letter to this effect verified by the village Tshogpa/Bank official has to be obtained
  7. Interest on savings will be paid only from the date of transactions effected in the system
  • Interest rate:

The interest shall be paid 0.5% higher than normal savings rate at all times.